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It has long been recognized that though education provides the intellectual foundation required for most clinicians to effectively work in the field of mental health, it is not until we begin direct client work that our gaps in knowledge, and our clinical strengths and weaknesses are identified.  Additionally, with the ever changing landscape of mental illness and evidenced-based interventions, successful practice requires one to be current with research literature.   It is well known that learning, whether it be something new, or a refresher, can often serve as a tool to enhance confidence, restore, and renew one’s commitment to working with the vulnerable.   

By Clinical Design recognizes all of these factors and offers innovative training programs and workshops for professionals working with children and adolescents in the area of addictions and mental health that will enhance individual and team clinical competence.   Please take a moment to review the programs and workshops available.  If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact us as we are able tailor training and workshops to you and your organization’s individual needs.